What kind of man can be regarded as a real eligible bachelor?

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There are many single men in the world, but rich, there are still mature single men are very rare. Just as the moon is surrounded by stars, even if there is a amount of stars, it is difficult to cover up the soft moonlight. So no matter what time and where, eligible bachelor is always the focus of single men, captured a group of beautiful women. And an eligible bachelor is a bachelor considered to be a particularly desirable potential husband.

So what kind of man can be regarded as a real eligible bachelor? Different people have different views, so I can only express my personal point here. The following are personal views, so if someone has a different view of my point, you can comment that I will accept it with an open mind. Thank you.

# wealth

As a eligible bachelor, first have to have a considerable wealth, or even a luxury life can not have, and how can be a eligible bachelor in many beautiful woman’s eyes. So wealth is a basic attribute of a eligible bachelor. After all this is a material society, most of the time, money often represents a lot of power and freedom. Of course, the money can bring the luxurious lifestyle that ordinary people can not have, which is the vast people aspire to.

# status

Of course, in addition to wealth, the most important and basic attribute is the status of a eligible bachelor must have. In this society, every minute has people become a millionaire or become a pauper, so wealth can not be used as only standard to measure a eligible bachelor. A person can be a millionaire, but in a fixed circle, you don’t have a important status, others do not listen to your views. But when a person has a high status in this circle, others will care about his opinion, that requires a person have a strong ability. Let others respect you, listen to your views and even obey your orders, and this is related to a person's status. A person without status may not become rich, but a person with status can become rich by virtue of his circle. Therefore, money is only the basic attributes, status is the most important attributes.

# mature

This attributes is for most women, because they want to find a mature man to be their husband. A mature man has experienced a lot of things, they know how to take care of others, know how to treat different people, so that everyone will not feel ignored. They know how to make a woman happy and how to make romance. This is irresistible charm for the vast majority of women.

Are you a eligible bachelor? Or do you want to date with a eligible bachelor?

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