How to keep a rich men together with you

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Why you choose a rich man? For many woman they are attracted by the wealth and power of the rich men. So they choose the rich men. Big villa, super cars, beautiful dress and luxurious lifestyle like the drug, make the women lose them in the wealth.For other women, they seek out rich men to marry only to want a powerful husband, and a happy family. They don’t want to live the life that the husband make a little wage, and they work two jobs. And they don’t want to leave their children lonely one the cheapest day care centers. They want to have a happy family and luxurious lifestyle. And they want their children have a happy childhood. So they find a rich and powerful man who can provide such lifestyle.

For all, if you only depend on your good looks, you will be given up by the man when they have lost interest in you. Even you have married him. So after you seek out a rich single man, you should study how to keep a serious relationship with him. Good looks are always useful but it is not the reason why the man choose you to live for life. You must stand out and powerful enough.

# Dress and Speak like a lady

You are lucky, i say this is that a good looks has made you go ahead than 90% of the women. And if you know how to dress and speak, you will easily find a rich man focus on you. So try to make you look like a graceful lady. Dress like a lady, say like a lady. Don’t use foul words, negative words are also forbidden. The successful men always have a strong desire of control in your relationship. So they always want their mate is a graceful woman.

# Make him interest to you

Never start a long conversation by you. The male will believe that you are attracted by him. Be elusive, never make him feel you are easy to apple-polish. Try to start a conversation by the male, and you should be the first one to end the conversation.

Many woman pursue a rich man by texts and calls. This will destroy the chance to appeal a rich man. When you have met a rich man, and you have experienced a short conversation and exchange the phone number. You should be the one who called by male. So after you exchange the contact info, do your own things, don’t contact him active. This is like a competition between you and the man. They have more chance to lose the competition, but you only have a chance to lose.

# Keep the feeling of freshness

Never put your mind in one thing, If you have a long dating with a rich man. People always feel freshness to the new things. If you have spent long time in one thing, you should try other things before the man feel bored with you. If you spring your hobbies frequently, your man will wonder what if you want to next time. He will never feel you are out.

# Something you can do each other

If you want to keep a tight bond with the rich man, you should find something you can finish each other. The sense of participation will make him feel interest. Like dancing, have a ballroom dance course with him. That must be a good idea to build a tight bond between you and him.

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