How do rich men think unlike average person

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There is no doubt that the rich men think different from average people. Sometimes their ideas are fantastic. Average people always feel amazing by the idea of rich men. Average people always think in narrow terms while the rich men think more widely and deeply. So let us look at what different between rich men and average people.

# Selfishness

Average people think it is a vice, but for rich men, it us a virtue. The rich try to make money to make themselves happy, they never pretend to save world. They think if they don’t care about themselves, why to help others. You can’t give anything because you have nothing.

# Happiness

The money they regard as the root of happiness, but average people always think it is the root of evil. But they always want more money while they think it is the evil. However, the high class of the world knows that more money doesn’t bring happiness definitely, but it make the life easier and more enjoyable.

# Attitude

Rich men focus on how to earn more money while average people focus on how to save more money. They have miss major chance to earn more money when they are planing to save money. The rich men have a specific aim: earn more money, so they make a plan and hold the chance.

# Investment

Rich men always prefer to invest something that will bring earnings for them when they have free money. They know what is worthy buying, investing and pursuing definitely. The average people always worry about everything, they are unbelieving. So they miss the chance to become rich.

# Vision

Someone dream of the future while someone recall the good day have happened. The people who believe the best life after they become rich. They making a living with unhappiness and depression early, but they project their dream, goals and plans well and they dare to face the mysterious future. So they become rich.

# Work

Average people always think the rich men are work all the time to make money. But they don’t know the rich men work for their passion. The smart people are doing what they love and they try to get paid for it while the average people earn money doing they don’t love.

# Study

Rich men would rather study than entertainment while average people are opposite. For rich men, they believe that knowledge is power. It can help us know what to do and how to do when we are perplexed.

# Compromise

The rich men know they can have anything they want when you have strength to get it when the average people are hesitating which to choose and compromise lastly.

Source: Steven Siebold, “How rich people think”

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